Metal Fabrication

At the core of Professional Vision, is the commitment to elevating metals craftsmanship. 
Delivering projects that drive progress and innovation to the Saudi Arabian industry since 2015. From exquisite metal fabrication to elegant Brass Products, we process innovation into tangible reality. 

Metal fabrication is the profession that defines Professional Vision, it defines our story and where we started from .

Our Metal Fabrication Machinery

CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

At Professional Vision, we Possess a state of the art CNC fiber laser cutting machine, with bed size of 6 Meters, and 3 meters wide for sheets and panels, and 25 square CM for profile, all with 35 mm thickness cutting capability.

CNC Metal Panel Bending

CNC Panel And Profile Rolling

Powder Coating

Hot-Dip Galvanization

Laser Welding

Stairs And Spiral Staircase


Custom Metal Fabrication


About PV

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Beauty Spaces

Architecture & Interior Design

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