PVD Coating

At the core of Professional Vision, is the commitment to elevating metals craftsmanship. 
Delivering projects that drive progress and innovation to the Saudi Arabian industry since 2015.
From exquisite metal fabrication to robust steel structures,we process innovation into tangible reality.

Professional Vision ventured beyond and brought the elegant coating and surface enhancement technology,
the Physical Vapor Deposition technology. 

Elegant Appearance

Elegant appearance for all kind of metals and wide range of colors. whether it is  hyper realistic or  artificial, interior or exterior, decorative or functional.

Enhanced Properties

Enhanced wear and corrosion resistance, reduced frictions and increased hardness

Our Brand New Product

PVD Coating

We at Professional vision, are proud of our latest and brand new service,  The PVD Coating technique.

The Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD), is more than just a coating method, it is a surface  enhancement technique. in which a thin film of material is deposits onto  a substrate, significantly improving its  properties.

In addition to the elegant look and wide range of colors, PVD coating offers a plethora of benefits, including enhanced wear and corrosion resistance, increased hardness, reduced friction,  and above all enhanced optical properties. With a wide variety of coating materials available, PVD caters to diverse applications, ranging from cutting tools and equipments to medical implants,  architectural components, automotive parts,  and decorative applications.


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